Feb 20th, Premiere of [Ni] Svanito Costrutto for electric guitar

February 20th 5pm Pierce Hall, New England Conservatory, Belgian contemporary music guitarist, Maarten Stragier is premiering my new piece [NI] Svanito Costrutto for electric guitar.

As a corollary to the concert, Maarten will present in a workshop format insights into the nature of his instrument; he will also introduce the possibility of placing its workings at the very core of the compositional approach. He will focus on two works that have succeeded exceptionally in this regard: Tristan Murail’s Tellur for classical guitar, and [NI] Svanito Costrutto. Starting with a 45 minute discussion on the works, Maarten will give special attention to the way in which the composers structurally use the guitar’s sounds in their entirety, including those elements often considered superfluous or “parasitic.” After a short intermission, a performance will demonstrate the musical richness and idiomatic virtuosity that result.