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Beneath the Music From a Further Room

on 12/07/2016, Composit New Music Festival will be hosting the Italian premiere of Beneath the Music From a Further Room for double bass and electronics. Dario Calderone, double bass

[Ni] Svanito Costrutto at the Mantova Conservatory April 1st 2016

Guitarist Giacomo Baldelli is going to perform  at the Mantua Conservatory my piece [Ni] Svanito Costrutto for electric guitar on as part of his tour maybeinitaly #2 tour. This will be the Italian premiere. I am very blessed to have such amazing and dedicated virtuoso play my music in the motherland. Concert is 6pm, April 1st […]

Premiere of new work for electric guitar solo

I am pleased to announce that my new piece for solo electric guitar will be performed by guitarist Maarten Stragier at the Boston Guitar Fest on June 26th 2014.  The piece has been commissioned by Maarten Stragier with the support of the New Music US grants. Here a few details about the projects. Soon it will […]

Composit new music festival 2012 was a success!!!

Composit 2012 was a success! So many great composers and great music. Here is a link to get a taste (visually and aurally) of what has been for us such an amazing experience. At the moment I am planning the 2013 edition, which is going to be even more enticing and dynamic.

Welcome to the new site!

Hello everyone this is my new site. Please join my mailing list to be updated on upcoming events and concerts,  and visit as often as you can to enjoy some new music.